Advanced Download Manager for PC: Windows 10, 8.1, 7 & Mac

Downloading files online is a hectic process due to the several problems associated with it. Advanced Download Manager makes the downloading process more simple and without hurdles. You can install Advanced Download Manager for PC to download the files with much ease.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is a downloading tool for the quick downloading of files. It can be used to download videos, music, movies, and other media files. The Advanced Download Manager is an Android app, and it needs an Android Emulator to install on a PC. Let’s discuss how to install Advanced Download Manager for Windows or Mac PC.

How to Install Advanced Download Manager for PC

Installing Advanced Download Manager on PC can be done with the help of an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Follow the procedure below to get ADM on your computer.

Install BlueStacks

Open Google Chrome on your PC and type BlueStacks for PC. Select the BlueStacks website from the available searches. Tap Download BlueStacks to download the file.

Download BlueStacks

Now, you open the BlueStacks installer file and click Install now to begin the installation process. After installing BlueStacks, select Launch to launch BlueStacks for PC.

Click Install now to install BlueStacks

Install Advanced Download Manager

You have to sign in to your Google account to access the Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store and search for Advanced Download Manager.

Click the Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader from the list below and select Install to download the app on PC. After downloading, select Open to launch the Advanced Download Manager app.

Install Advanced Download Manager

How to Use Advanced Download Manager on PC

Open the Advanced Download Manager app in the Installed apps category on BlueStacks. Select Allow in the prompt to provide access to the media file.

Tap the Plus icon to download the file. Enter the link and name in the prompt and select Start to begin the download process. Select Queue to view the next downloading files and click Finished to check out the downloaded files.

Tap Filter and choose the category for locating the files. Click the Menu icon and select the Download graph icon to know the downloading speed. Set the limit for simultaneous downloads, threads, download speed max. Select Browser at the bottom (world icon) and browse the content online.

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Quick Downloader: Advanced Download Manager allows downloading any file on the internet using the links from the site. It uses a smart algorithm for enhancing the downloading speed and saving the downloaded file directly to the SD card. The turbo mode reduces download time, and it has an auto-download option.

User Interface: The app has easy to use interface and has filters for quick access to the files with types. It can resume downloading the file automatically if it stops in the middle due to unknown issues. The menu contains all the required options for optimizing the download.

Instant Alert: It informs the user about the completion of the download. The status of the download is updated in real-time at the notification. You can set the limit for simultaneous downloads.

Inbuilt Browser: There is an inbuilt browser in the app to search for the movies, videos on the sites for downloading. It has history and bookmarks for effective usage. Multiple tabs can be accessed for simultaneous downloads.

Easy Handling: The app provides the basic controls for the download to pause, resume, restart the download anytime. It is easy to add a link to the app to download.


1. What is Advanced Download Manager?

Advanced Download Manager is an Android app for downloading files using links and managing the downloaded files.

2. How do I download ADM on my computer?

You can download ADM (Advanced Download Manager) on your computer or laptop with the help of an Android emulator.

3. How do I use Advanced Download Manager?

You can use Advanced Download Manager to download the movies, videos with links and it also boosts downloading speed.

Therefore, you can download any type of file in the Advanced Download Manager for PC. It is an excellent app to download multiple files at a time with maximum download speed. If you have any issues with the above method, please specify in the comments below.

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