Aptoide for PC: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 / Mac / Laptop Free Download

Although Google Play Store has a lot of apps, there are still some apps that are not available on it and it is hard to download them from other sources. Aptoide provides an easy solution for downloading such apps, and it can also be accessed on a PC.

Aptoide for PC

Aptoide is an app store to find thousands of Android apps. You can also call Aptoide an online marketplace where you can download android mobile applications. It does not require any sign-in or registration process for downloading the apps. Aptoide is available only as apk file and requires an Android Emulator for installation on a computer. Let’s discuss the steps to install Aptoide on Windows and Mac PC.

Different Methods to Install Aptoide for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10/11 And Mac

Since Aptoide is only available as an apk, you need to use an Android emulator like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or others to use Aptoide on the Desktop.

Get Aptoide for PC using BlueStacks

Initially, you need an Android Emulator for installing Aptoide for PC. You can download BlueStacks from its official website. Run the BlueStacks .exe file by double-clicking on it and thereby click Yes to allow BlueStacks installation on PC.

Download BlueStacks

Start installing BlueStacks by clicking Install now, and it takes time to download the complete setup file. After that, follow the on-screen procedure to finish the installation process.

Once the installation is completed, Launch the BlueStacks app player on your laptop. On the welcoming screen, you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account.

You can download the Aptoide apk from its official site and open the file in BlueStacks. It will automatically install the Aptoide app on your PC. You can open the Aptoide app by double-clicking on it.

Download Aptoide apk for PC

Get Aptoide for PC using NoxPlayer

You can also use NoxPlayer for installing Aptoide on your PC. Download the NoxPlayer from the official website and install it on your Windows PC.

NoxPlayer for pc

Wait for the installation to be done and then open the NoxPlayer app.

Now, download the Aptoide apk file from the official website and install it on NoxPlayer. Open the Aptoide app and download apps that you want on your PC.

How to Download Apps on Aptoide

1. Open the Aptoide app on your PC and select Allow.

2. Select Editorial to view the apps or games of the editor’s choice, the most downloaded apps in your region, the latest trending apps, and top games.

Aptoide app for PC

3. Select Search to find the specific app and type the app name.

4. Select the app and click Install to download the app.

Select Install

How to Upload Apps on Aptoide

You must create your own store for uploading apps in Aptoide.

1. Log in to Aptoide to create a store. You can log in with your email id, Google, or Facebook credentials.

2. Select Create Store and enter the name of the store. Upload photo and select theme. Then, click Create to create the store.

Select Create store

3. Download Aptoide Uploader, a tool for uploading apps. Search for Uploader in the app itself and click Install to download and install it.

Install Aptoide Uploader

4. Select the apps on the device that you want to upload using Aptoide Uploader. The Uploader will extract the apk from the app and modify it into the Aptoide portable format for uploading.

5. Once the apps are uploaded, Select Apps in Aptoide to view the uploaded apps. Now, the uploaded apps can be downloaded by others.

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Simple Interface

The Aptoide has a simple and user-friendly interface for quick searching and fast downloading of apps. It offers a hassle-free app downloading experience.

Multi-language Support

The Aptoide is available in more than 40 languages, and the user can access it from anywhere in the world.

Highly Secure

It is absolutely free from malware or virus threats and does not possess any security breach. It is completely safe for downloading and installing apps.

Customize Store

It has a facility that allows the user to create their own store and has effective tools for instant customization. The user can upload the app to their store and make it available for others to download.

Secure Apps

All apps available in Aptoide are scanned for any viruses or other harmful software before uploading them into Aptoide servers.

No Verification

Aptoide does not require any sort of verification or sign-up procedure.

Monetary Policy

It allows developers to get 70% of the revenue for paid apps.


1) Can I download Aptoide for PC?

You can download the Aptoide apk from its official website on a PC and install it using an emulator.

2) Can I download paid apps in Aptoide?

You can download the paid apps for free in Aptoide. Go through the above steps for downloading any app in Aptoide for PC.

3) Does Aptoide has viruses?

No. Aptoide is completely safe to use and does not possess any virus threats.

4) How to create a store in Aptoide?

You can create your own store in Aptoide by selecting Create Store in Stores. For the detailed procedure, check out the above section.

5) What are the alternatives to Aptoide?

The alternative apps for Aptoide are FileLinked, APKTime App, FireDL App, and more.

6) Is Aptoide legal?

Yes, the Aptoide app is completely legal and free to use.

Aptoide is an app marketplace where you can download and upload apps. It is the best alternative for the Google play store with more exciting features and an excellent support system. If you have any queries about installing Aptoide for PC, comment below.

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