ArtFlow for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac (Free Download)

Sketching brings out an imaginary character into real life. The digital drawing apps have sufficient tools to enhance the work. You can sketch your design using the ArtFlow app on your PC.


ArtFlow is a digital designing app launched by ArtFlow Studio app. If your PC is touch-enabled, you can use the stylus to make drawings. You must have an Android emulator for installing Artflow on Windows or Mac PC. Let’s see the procedure to install ArtFlow for PC.

How to Install ArtFlow for PC

(1). Go to the BlueStacks website on your PC and click Download BlueStacks to get the installer file.

Download BlueStacks

(2). Open the BlueStacks.exe file and select Yes in the User Access Control pop-up.

select Yes in the user access control

(3). Select Install now to download the other files and install BlueStacks for PC.

select Install now to get BlueStacks

(4). Launch BlueStacks on your PC and select sign in with your Google account.

(5). Open Google Play Store and search for the ArtFlow app. Choose the ArtFlow app from Artflow Studio.

(6). Click Install to download the app and select Open to launch ArtFlow app.

Install ArtFlow for PC

How to Use ArtFlow for PC

(1). Double-click on the ArtFlow app on your computer or laptop to launch it and select Allow to provide access to the media files.

(2). Sign in to your Google ID and go through the introduction of all the available tools.

(3). Tap the Round button at the top right corner to get the necessary tool for drawing and rotate the button to fix the toolbar.

(4). Click the Multiple Layers icon next to the round button to view all the layers in the drawing and select the Plus (+) icon to add a new layer.

(5). Select Brush at the top and click Smudge to choose the brush type such as fine pen, round marker, etc.

(6). Click the drop-down to get the available shapes, guides and choose any one of them to draw.


  • ArtFlow app has 100+ brushes and tools with different variety of smudges and gradients.
  • It offers 10 layer filters, including color curves, HSV adjusts, brightness & saturation, etc.
  • The canvases are available for a maximum of 6144×6144, and the 50 layers can be added to a drawing.
  • It supports NVIDIA DirectStylus 2 and has pressure simulation, palm rejection, layer clipping for seamless sketching.
  • The paint engine performs well for smooth and flawless drawing with a user-friendly interface.
  • The drawn sketches can be imported and exported in PNG, JPG, and PSD formats.

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1. Is ArtFlow free for PC?

ArtFlow is available for free. You can install it on a PC using an Android emulator.

2. What formats are available in the ArtFlow app?

ArtFlow app supports PNG, JPG, and PSD formats.

3. How much is ArtFlow Pro?

ArtFlow Pro costs $4.99, and it has special features with no ads.

Thus, ArtFlow is a great app for designers and art enthusiasts. It is recommended for beginners to improve their drawing skills and creativity. If you have any problem in following the above steps, please do let us know in the comments.

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