Avee Music Player for PC: Windows 10, 8, 7 / Mac Free Download

Listening to good music doesn’t make it complete, and it needs equalizer and visualizer to elevate the listening experience. Installing Avee Player for PC offers an extraordinary visualizer and high-quality streaming.

Avee Player for PC

Avee Player is a music player launched by Daae Aww. It creates visualizer videos with excellent effects. The Avee Player app is available for free in the Microsoft store. You can also install the app using an Android Emulator. Let’s discuss the steps to install Avee Player for Windows and Mac PC.

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Wide Support

The app supports all media formats like MP3, OGG, WAV. It has a queue system for continuous streaming and an equalizer for great audio quality. It also has two types of internal players where you can read and save playlists.

Effective Browser

The Avee Player perfectly organizes the media file to the respective categories in the library. The player app also has a user-friendly interface for easy access to required audio.

Customize Visualizer

It has an excellent visualizer to boost music streaming quality, and the visualizer can be recorded in the app itself. The visualizer has various options for customizing. Some of them are background, image, text, blur effect, and colors.


It has great media and Bluetooth controls. The screen orientation lock is available for additional support, and it also has a lock screen and status bar widget. The sleep timer turns off the music at the preset time automatically.

Instant Sharing

It is very easy to import and export the visualizer templates from other sources. The users can export the visualizer videos in HD quality.

How to install Avee Player for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

Install Avee Player on PC using Emulator

Step 1: Download BlueStacks from its official site by clicking on Download BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks

Step 2: Double-click on the BlueStacks .exe file and select Install now to install BlueStacks on PC.

Step 3: After installation, click Launch to open BlueStacks app player and sign in with your Google account.

Step 4: Open the Google Play store and type Avee Player in the search box. Select Avee Music Player pro by Daaw Aww.

Step 5: Select Install to download the app, and the downloading takes time depending upon the internet speed.

Install Avee Player for PC

Step 6: Select Open to launch the Avee Player on Mac or Windows PC.

Open Avee Player for PC

Install Avee Player for Windows from Microsoft Store

Step 1: Open the browser and search for Avee Player for Windows.

Step 2: Select ‘Get Avee Player- Microsoft Store‘ from the search result or visit the Microsoft Store from your PC’s Start menu and search for Avee Player. Click Get to open the Mircosoft Store.

Get Avee Player for windows

Step 3: Select Get once again in the Store. Choose either Sign in or No thanks in the Microsoft Sign in prompt.

Sign in Microsoft Store

Step 4: It will install the app on your Windows PC and click Launch to open the Avee Player.

Launch Avee Player for Windows

How to use Avee Player?

Step 1: Open the Avee Player on PC by double-clicking.

Step 2: Select Allow to provide Avee Player access to media files and select Agree in the License Agreement.

Step 3: Select Library in the menu and select the audio file to create a video.

Step 4: Select Visualizer to play the audio in visualizer mode and select the cubic icon at the top right corner. Choose the type of visualizer and select Save.

Visualizer in Avee Player for PC

Step 5: Select the Pen icon to add image, blur effect, text, and logo to the video.

Step 6: Select the Download icon, and specify the file name, video codec, time for the video. Click Export to save the video.


1. Can I install Avee Player for PC?

You can install Avee Player for PC in two ways. Follow the above steps for the easy installation of Avee Player.

2. Can I record Visualizer in Avee Player?

You can record Visualizer in Avee Player using the Export option and also can edit the background image, text, and logo.

3. Is Avee Player for Windows available?

Yes. Avee Player for Windows is available in the Microsoft Store for free. You can install Avee Player on Windows by following the above procedure.

4. Can I import visualizer templates in Avee Player?

Yes, you can import visualizer templates in HD quality in Avee Player and can also export the HD visualizer videos online.

Avee Player is the best music player and is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. It is preferred for the visualizer while listening to music. If you have any difficulties installing Avee Player for PC, please mention it in the comments section.

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