CM Transfer for PC – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac Download

Nowadays, a file transfer app is necessary to share media files, documents, and apps to nearby devices. CM Transfer can share the file faster, and you can get the app on a PC to send files to others instantly.

CM Transfer

CM Transfer is a quick and reliable file transfer app. It has simple steps to share the files, and thereby, it has no trouble in sharing. You will need an emulator to install CM Transfer for the PC. Let’s see how to install CM Transfer for PC.

How to Download CM Transfer for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and Mac

CM Transfer is not available on Google Play Store, and you have to download the apk file to install it on PC.

(1). Download the CM Transfer apk file from trusted sources.

(2). Launch Google Chrome on your PC and enter BlueStacks in the search.

(3). Click the BlueStacks official site. Tap Download BlueStacks to get the installer file and open the file.

Download BlueStacks - CM Transfer for PC

(4). Select Yes in the User Account Control and click Install now to install BlueStacks.

Click Install now to get BlueStacks

(5). Click Launch to launch BlueStacks for PC.

Launch BlueStacks - CM Transfer for PC

(6). Select the Installed apps tab and click Install apk.

(7). Drag the CM Transfer apk file into the BlueStacks app.

How to Use CM Transfer for PC

(1). Open the CM Transfer app on your computer or laptop and click Allow to give access to the app.

(2). Select Send File to share the file and choose the file from the storage.

(3). Click Send to begin the process and connect to the Receiver. After sharing the files, click Done to end the process.

(4). Select Receive File to receive the file from others. Tap the Folder icon at the top right corner and check the received files.

(5). Click the menu (three vertical dot icon) and select Sending History to know the files shared with others.

Features of CM Transfer

Fast Sharing: CM Transfer ensures high-speed file transfer between the devices without any lagging. Usually, the transfer period is in seconds.

No Limitation: The app possesses no restriction on the type of file, format, or size of the file to be shared. You can share photos, videos, songs, contacts, documents, and apps with anyone.

Interface: It has improved its interface to make it more user-friendly. The shared and received files can be viewed.

Reduce Internet usage: It can share the app easily and removes the process of downloading the app from the store.

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1. How do I install CM Transfer for PC?

CM Transfer can be installed on a PC with the help of an Android Emulator.

2. Which are the best file transfer apps for PC?

The best file transfer apps are Superbeam, AirDroid, XShare, CM Transfer, Share it, and much more.

3. Does CM Transfer have any size limit?

CM Transfer can share any size of the file with other devices.

CM Transfer also has an option to share the files through other apps, and it can transfer files through Bluetooth. Get the CM Transfer app on your PC and share files with ease. Share your thoughts about the CM Transfer app in the comments below.

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