DraStic DS Emulator for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 / Mac Free Download

Video games come in different forms, and the Nintendo Switch is a popular video gaming device. The Nintendo DS games can be played on the Nintendo Switch, but you can play the game on any device using DraStic DS Emulator. You can play the games on your PC with the DraStic DS Emulator.

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is a customized platform to play Nintendo DS Games on the Android Device. You can play the authorized games with backup support from Nintendo. The emulator improves the performance of each game with fast forward. An Android Emulator is a must for installing DraStic DS Emulator on the computer, and we will look into the steps to get DraStic DS Emulator for Windows and Mac PC.


Customization: DraStic DS Emulator provides the customization tools to play the game with complete controls. It can retrieve the recently played game.

High Resolution: This emulator offers high resolution and rendering settings for excellent game graphics. It provides the option to disable Edge Marking and activate the external screen.

Interface: It has a user-friendly interface for easy gameplay, and the user can sign in to Google Drive to store the games. The emulator displays the recent games for quick access.

Game Support: The emulator allows the user to play the game with cheat codes, and it offers a cheat code database. It can connect with Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play.

How to Install DraStic DS Emulator for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

Follow the below guidelines to install DraStic DS Emulator on Windows and Mac PC.

Install BlueStacks for PC

(1). Start your PC/ Laptop and click on Google Chrome or any other browser to open.

(2). Search for BlueStacks in the browser and select the BlueStacks website.

(3). Click Download BlueStacks on the home screen to get the installer file and double-click on the installer file.

Download BlueStacks - DraStic DS Emulator for PC

(4). Select Yes in the User Account Control to allow the installation and click Install now to install BlueStacks.

(5). Choose Launch to open the BlueStacks emulator on the PC.

Install DraStic DS Emulator for PC – Windows and Mac

(1). Search and open the Google Play Store on the home screen.

Select Google Play Store

(2). Select Sign In and enter the Google account credentials to Sign-In.

Sign in to your Google account

(3). Type DraStic DS Emulator in the search and choose the app from the list below.

Search for DraStic DS Emulator

(4). Click Buy to purchase and download the DraStic DS Emulator app from the Play Store.

Install DraStic DS Emulator for PC

(5). Select Open to launch DraStic DS Emulator on the laptop or desktop.

How to Use DraStic DS Emulator for PC?

(1). Open the DraStic DS Emulator on Windows or Mac device and select Allow to provide access to the app.

(2). Click Load New Game on the home screen and browse the available games in All Games.

(3). Tap Recent Games to check the last played game and choose the Game to play on the device.

(4). Select Change Option on the home screen and click the Video option. Turn on High Resolution and Rendering.

(5). Click External Controller and choose the Key Mapping to control the game.

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1. Is there DraStic DS Emulator for PC?

You can install DraStic DS Emulator on the PC with the help of an Android Emulator.

2. Is DraStic Emulator free?

The DraStic DS Emulator is absolutely free to install and play games on any device.

DraStic DS Emulator can let the user play the favorite game anytime without any interruptions. It has external customer support to answer user queries. Kindly report the issues, if any, for the above procedure in the comments section below.

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