DS Cam for PC – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Mac Download Free

Surveillance Camera makes us confident about home security at any time. It is necessary to watch the recordings of the cameras. DS Cam offers the live feed of the camera anywhere, any time, along with a recording option. You can have the DS Cam app on the PC to watch the camera feed on the PC screen.

DS Cam

DS Cam is a surveillance app to check the live feed of security cameras. You will require the camera IP address and login credentials to add a camera to the app. The cameras with Synology NAS can connect to the app. It is free to use, and an Android Emulator is essential to install DS Cam for a PC.

About DS Cam

App NameDS cam
Size88 MB
Created bySynology Inc.
Released dateAugust 17, 2010

How to Install DS Cam for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10/11 and Mac

(1). Launch the Google Chrome browser and type BlueStacks in the search.

(2). Click the BlueStacks website and select Download BlueStacks to get the extension file.

Download BlueStacks - DS Cam for PC

(3). Double-click on the BlueStacks extension file and select Install now to install the BlueStacks emulator.

(4). Tap Launch to open BlueStacks and select Sign In. Enter the Google account credentials.

Sign in to Google account - DS Cam for PC

(5). Open the Play Store and search for the DS Cam app.

Search for DS Cam

(6). Select Install to get DS Cam and click Open to launch the DS Cam app on your computer.

How to Use DS Cam for PC

(1). Open the DS Cam app on your Windows or Mac PC and select Allow to give access to the app.

(2). Click Continue in the privacy prompt and enter the IP address, Username, and Password of the camera for sign-in.

(3). Tap the Camera to watch the live feed and swipe the option to get the other options. Select Snapshot and choose Manual Recording to save the live streaming.

(4). Click PTZ control options and use the four-direction arrow to move the camera. Tap the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out.

(5). Select the Menu and choose Multiview to view four cameras at a time. Click Recordings to watch the saved videos.

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  • DS Cam offers multiview for streaming four live cameras at a time.
  • It identifies the suspicious movements in the zone and saves the clippings as events.
  • The PTZ control provides additional control over the camera to monitor the specific place.
  • It can record videos and capture snapshots of live camera feed for future purpose.
  • The options in live streaming are forward, backward, adjust speed, time scale, aspect ratio, edit, events, and more.
  • It has an intuitive user interface for smooth handling.

Hence, DS Cam is an excellent app for monitoring surveillance cameras on a laptop or desktop. It has alert notifications to inform the user about any events.


1. Can I install DS Cam for PC?

Yes, you can install DS Cam on your PC by downloading the app with the help of an Android Emulator.

2. How do I log in to the DS Cam app?

You can log in to the DS Cam app with the camera IP address, Username, and Password of your account.

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