Hippo Magic for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac Free Download

Storytelling always entertains the children more than anything. Storytelling has redefined its form over the years, and we all live in a world of advanced technology. Hippo Magic creates live storytelling with AR in such a way that it can encourage the children to listen to the story. You can install the Hippo Magic app on the PC to play the story on the PC screen.

Hippo Magic

Hippo Magic is an Augmented Reality storytelling app. It works with scanning of the Hippo Magic logo on the book to play the stories. You can install the Hippo Magic app on the PC with the help of an Android Emulator. With the Hippo Magic app on your PC, you can entertain your kids with new stories.


  • Hippo Magic can bring life to fictional characters and drives the readers to their world.
  • It has plenty of books in the store to buy online, and the interface is so simple for kids to use easily.
  • The stories in the app are played along with music tracks for pleasant streaming.
  • It has a facility to play with the characters, and the kids can change the character’s look with different colors.
  • The app can capture photos, videos with the characters, and it can be shared.

How to Install Hippo Magic for PC: Windows (10, 7, 8) and Mac

(1). Open the Chrome browser on the PC and enter BlueStacks in the search.

(2). Click the BlueStacks official website and select Download BlueStacks to download the file.

Download BlueStacks

(3). Open the BlueStacks file and click Install now to install BlueStacks for PC.

(4). Choose Launch to open the BlueStacks emulator and sign in with the Google account credentials.

Sign in to your Google Account

(5). Select the Google Play Store to open and type Hippo Magic in the search.

Search for Hippo Magic

(6). Click Install to install Hippo Magic on the computer or laptop and select Open.

Install Hippo Magic for PC

How to Use Hippo Magic for PC?

(1). Launch the Hippo Magic app on the PC and select Allow to give access to the app.

(2). Choose the Language of the app and select OK in the attention prompt. Go through the introduction of the app.

(3). Scan the Hippo Magic symbol and select Play to get the AR version of the characters.

(4). Play with the characters in the book and listen to their stories. Explore the new adventures.

(5). Click the Books icon and purchase the other books in the app. Select Settings at the top to get parental control.

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1. Can I download Hippo Magic on the PC?

Yes, you can install Hippo Magic on the computer from the Google Play Store using an Android Emulator.

2. Is Hippo Magic free?

Hippo Magic is free to download on the device, and you have to purchase the books to play them on the app.

Thus, Hippo Magic is a great app to make the kids listen to the best stories. It also provides a new environment rather than the usual cartoons. Entertain your kid in a new way with the Hippo Magic app. If you have any trouble with the Hippo Magic app, mention it in the comments section.

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