iBooks for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac Free Download

Reading hard copy books is quite impossible in all circumstances, and the introduction of ebooks made it compatible to read anywhere anytime. Apple has its own ebook platform called iBooks to purchase and read books in a comfortable manner. You can download the iBooks app on your Windows and Mac PC to read as many books.


iBooks is also known as Apple Books, is a product of Apple, Inc. It helps in reading books for long hours without any trouble, and the supportive tools are useful in note-making. You will need an emulator to install the iBooks app on the PC. Let’s see how to install iBooks for PC.

How to Install iBooks for PC (Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac)

(1). Open Google Chrome browser on your PC/ Laptop and type iPadian in the search.

(2). Select the iPadian website from the search result and click Download for Windows on the home screen.

Click Download for Windows

(3). Buy the emulator installer file and double-click on it to open.

Purchase iPadian emulator

(4). Click Next to download the support files and select Install Now to install the iPadian Emulator.

click Install now - iBooks for PC

(5). Open the iPadian emulator and select the App Store to launch.

(6). Search for the iBooks app and select the same from the suggestions.

(7). Choose Get to install the iBooks app on the computer and open the app to start using it.

How to Read iBooks for PC?

(1). Launch the iBooks app on your laptop or desktop and sign in with your Apple ID.

(2). Tap Store at the bottom and go through the available books. Select any book that you want to read and look at the preview of the book.

(3). Purchase the book and go to the library to open the book. Browse the section of the books and choose any book or PDF to read.

(4). Click Bookmark at the top to mark the above page and select Search to find specific words in the book. Tap Brightness to adjust the brightness.

(5). Select List to display the multiple pages of the book and go to the desired page directly. Click Share to share the book through email.

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Huge Collection: Apple Books has a wide range of book collections in the store, and it has fiction, thriller, mysteries, non-fiction, romance, comics, etc. It has a preview for every book to get an idea about it before start reading.

Quick Read: The book reading is an easy task with the iBooks app because of the smooth swipe of pages. It can adjust brightness, zoom for effective reading, and you can bookmark the page for easy identification.

Audiobooks: iBooks also offers Audiobooks to listen to them while working and traveling. The audiobooks read by actors, authors are available. Apple Watch has the support to hear audiobooks.

Good Support: There are various customization tools to improve reading habits. The font, page color can be changed as per wish. The auto-night theme helps in reading at night time and reduces stress on the eyes. You can add the books to the read list to read them later.


1. Is the iBooks app free?

iBooks app is free to install, but you have to pay for the books in the app to read it.

2. How do I download iBooks for PC?

You can download the iBooks app using an emulator since it does not have an app for PC.

iBooks is a great app to read your favorite book anytime, anywhere. You can connect with iCloud for storing and sharing the books. If you have any issues with the above procedure, please do let us know in the comments section.

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