iDMSS Plus for PC – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 / Mac (Free Download)

You may come across many surveillance apps, but iDMSS Plus on your PC is the best set-up for your home and small business to increase security. It provides a high-quality service in the live streaming of your CCTV cameras. These cameras record everything that happens in their surveillance range.

iDMSS Plus is an advanced surveillance application for CCTV camera users. You can gain more advantages by using this app, like Push Alarm, Invisible Task wheel, Finger Gesture, and many more. It lets you monitor your home in your hands from any part of the world. Learn how to connect your CCTV cameras to this iDMSS Plus app for PC.

iDMSS Plus for PC


These are the important notes regarding the Push Alarm feature.

  • All devices don’t support the Push Alarm function, and only some special devices support it.
  • The device must have an internet connection.
  • To active notification, go to Push Config and re-subscribe.

How to Install iDMSS Plus for PC – Windows (7, 8.1, 10, 11) and Mac

iDMSS Plus is meant for iOS devices. So, to install the app on Windows PC, you have to install the iPadian software on your PC. With the iPadian software, you get to use the iOS platform on your Windows PC. The software costs $25 with an iOS 14 simulator.

Install iPadian Emulator for Windows PC

1. Turn on your PC and launch the Chrome browser or any other browser.

2. Go to the iPadian website ( on your Windows PC.

3. Click the Download for Windows $25 button on the website.

Download for Windows button

4. Complete the payment and download the software.

iDMSS Plus for PC

5. Open the installed iPadian simulator on your Windows PC and open the App Store.

6. Go to the Search icon and search for iDMSS Plus. You can also search for iDMSS Lite.

7. Pick the app from the search list and tap the Install button.

8. After the installation, you can access the iDMSS Plus on your Windows PC.

How to use iDMSS Plus for PC?

  • Open the installed iDMSS Plus on your PC.
  • Click the Next option on the screen.
  • Tap Allow to access the data on your device.
  • Select your region and press Done.
  • The homepage of the iDMSS Plus app will appear.
  • Hit the Plus icon.
  • Add your device through QR scanning or add it manually.
  • Now, you can stream live videos of your CCTV camera.

How to Install and Use iDMSS Plus for Mac PC

Update your macOS to the latest version (macOS Big Sur).

1. Open the App Store on your Mac.

2. Search for iDMSS and choose the app from the suggestion list.

3. Select Get to install the app on your Mac PC.

Select Get - iDMSS Plus for PC

4. Tap the Open icon once the installation is done.

5. Allow the app to access data and choose your region.

6. Now, you get the iDMSS home screen.

7. Tap the + icon and add your CCTV devices to monitor them.

To install the gDMSS (iDMSS equivalent for Android) on your PC, follow our guide on gDMSS for PC (Windows and Mac).


Smooth Functioning

This app provides the ultimate smooth functioning with a high-speed internet connection.

Motion Detection

The Motion Detection feature on this app alerts you of any abnormal movements of the objects in your home. Hence it ensures the high-level security of your home.

iDMSS Plus for PC

Cloud Storage

You can save the live streams of your camera in cloud storage so you can access them whenever you want. Therefore, you no need to worry about any storage issues.

Connect Multi-Cams

It allows you to connect with multiple cameras simultaneously. So, you can monitor each and every camera in their respective tab.

High-Quality Streaming

You can get the live streaming of your camera in high HD resolutions. This factor helps the users to watch the video in a vivid manner.

Intercom System

iDMSS Plus allows you to talk to the person on the other side of the camera through your PC/mobile/tab, only if the CCTV camera supports Intercom System.

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It’s time to become smarter enough, along with the development of technology. Get this iDMSS plus app for your Windows and Mac PC and control your home from all over the globe.


How can I download iDMSS Plus for PC?

You can install iDMSS Plus on your Windows PC with the help of iPadian software.

What is iDMSS Plus?

iDMSS Plus is an advanced surveillance application for CCTV camera users. It provides a high-quality service in the live streaming of your CCTV cameras.

What is the difference between iDMSS Lite and iDMSS plus?

The main difference between iDMSS Lite and iDMSS plus are E-Map, Push alarms, and Finger Gestures.

How do I add a device to iDMSS Plus?

You can easily add the device to the iDMSS plus app by means of QR scanning, or you can add it manually.

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