Jamboard for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac Free Download

In recent years online classes and presentations are the most preferred for more convenience and wider connectivity. Jamboard provides the best whiteboard with supportive tools to express the views on the topics. You can install Jamboard on your PC to create content with comfort.


Jamboard is a virtual board developed by Google for online presentations. It is absolutely free to access with a Google account. You can get the Jamboard for PC from the Chrome Web Store, and you can also install the app using an Android Emulator.


  • Jamboard offers different kinds of pens to bring out the ideas for the presentation, class.
  • It can add images from the Gallery, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Images, Google Photos, using URL, and it also has a Text box to provide the required content for the presentation.
  • The created Jam work can be shared with anyone in the app instantly, and the Sticky Notes is useful in adding a valuable point for the board.
  • It has a laser pointer tool to denote the required object while presenting, and it is effective for teaching.

How to Install Jamboard for Windows and Mac PC

Install Jamboard from Chrome Web Store

(1). Open Google Chrome on your PC and type Jamboard in the search.

(2). Click the Chrome Web Store site and select Add to Chrome in the web store.

Click Add to Chrome to get Jamboard for PC

(3). Tap Add App in the prompt to get Jamboard for PC and click the app to open.

Install Jamboard for PC using Android Emulator

(1). Search for BlueStacks for PC on Google Chrome and select BlueStacks Official site.

(2). Click Download BlueStacks to download the BlueStacks extension file and open the file.

Download BlueStacks - Jamboard for PC

(3). Click Install now button on the next screen.

(4). Select Launch to open the BlueStacks for PC and sign in to your Google account.

Sign in to your Google account

(5). Open the Google Play Store and type Jamboard in the search. Choose the app from the suggestions.

Search for Jamboard app

(6). Click Install to download the Jamboard app, and this will take time depending upon the internet speed.

(7). Select Open to launch the Jamboard app on the PC.

How to Use Jamboard for PC

(1). Launch the Jamboard app on the PC and sign in to your Google account.

(2). Click the Plus icon and tap Set Background. Choose the background from the available options or import an image.

(3). Select Pen to draw or write something on the board and double-click the Pen to switch to marker, brush, highlighter. Tap Sticky Notes to add important points to remember.

(4). Click Add Image to introduce images from Camera, Gallery, Google Photos. Select Shapes and choose the required shape to draw on the board.

(5). Tap Text Box to type in the board and select Laser to point out while teaching. Click Share to send it to others and tap Copy Link to share the link of the file.

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1. Can I use Jamboard on my computer?

Yes, you can use the Jamboard on the computer by accessing the app from Chrome Web Store.

2. Is Google Jamboard free?

The Jamboard is free to download and use for presentations.

3. Can Jamboard be used in Google Classroom?

You can use Jamboard on Google Classroom by sharing the Jam work with the respective group.

Hence, Jamboard is an excellent tool to keep online classes more lively. It helps in teaching complex concepts in a better way with images, drawings. Install the Jamboard app on your PC and handle all the online classes. If you have issues with the Jamboard app, let us know in the comments section.

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