Likee for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac Download Free

Social Media apps have taken many forms since their inception, and the short videos app is more popular among people. These apps explore the talents of many people and fun to watch. Likee offers short videos of all types. You can install the Likee app on your PC to stream the videos on a wider screen.

Likee app

Likee is a social media app to create and share short videos. It requires Google or Facebook account for sign-up. You have to install an Android Emulator for installing Likee app on the PC. With the Likee app on your computer or laptop, you get to watch all the trending short videos with more fun.


Wide Content: Likee app has content creators from all over the world, and people express their talent, creative skills in the short videos. You can follow anyone in the Likee app and receive their videos in the feed. The popular section shows the most popular videos.

Edit tools: The Likee app has many edit tools and effects to modify the video. It has video effects like Astral Travel, Face Cut, Face Morph, and more. The Stickers and emojis can be added to the video for a cute impression. Video filters can transform the video with a sketch, glitch, vintage, montage.

Live Stream: The app has a facility to live stream with fans and followers. It can be an interactive session, or a response live. This can be used to showcase talent to millions of people at a time.

Quick Reach: The short videos can make anyone popular and bring plenty of followers. The followers can send gifts to the creators and make fan clubs for the creators.

How to Install Likee for PC: Windows (10, 8, 7) and Mac

(1). Launch the PC and click the Google Chrome browser to open.

(2). Search for BlueStacks and select the BlueStacks official website.

(3). Click Download BlueStacks to download the extension file and select Yes in the User Account Control.

Download BlueStacks - Likee for PC

(4). Choose Install now to install the BlueStacks on the PC and click Launch to open the emulator.

(5). Sign in to your Google account and click the Google Play Store on the home screen.

Sign in to your Google account

(6). Type Likee in the search and click the app from the suggestions.

Search for Likee app

(7). Select Install to install the Likee app on the PC and choose Open to open the app.

How to Use Likee for PC?

(1). Launch the Likee app on your desktop or laptop and sign up for a new account using Google or Facebook account credentials.

(2). Click Allow to provide access to the app.

(3). Move to the home screen and scroll down to view the videos of the people you follow. Select the Popular tab to see the trending videos and click Nearby to watch videos of people in your location.

(4). Click the Camera icon and choose the music for the video. Make changes with the available tools on the side and bottom of the camera.

(5). Go to Profile and click My Videos to look at your own videos. Select Wallet to check the earned Diamonds, Beans for the profile.

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1. Is the Likee app safe?

Likee app is an open social media, and it is in the hands of users for safe usage of the app.

2. Can I use Likee on PC?

Yes. You can use the Likee app on the PC by downloading the app with an Emulator.

Hence, Likee is a perfect platform to share short music videos and get instant responses for the video. It has a minimum age restriction for accessing the app, and it is 16 years. In case of any problems with the Likee app, specify them in the comments section.

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