Loco for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac Free Download

Gaming apps have the ability to make it play for long hours, and it requires a lot of skills, tricks to win the game. Loco provides supportive videos to play the game in the best way. You can get the Loco app on the PC to watch the videos while playing the game.


Loco is a multiplayer gaming and video streaming app for gamers. It requires Google or Facebook account sign-in, and it does not have any subscription for streaming videos. The Loco app needs an Android Emulator for installing on PC.


Gaming Arena: The Loco app offers plenty of games to play with other players online. The multiplayer mode can connect with friends to play the games like Carrom, Ludo, Bull Bash, and many more.

Quick Connect: The app has many gaming communities to share tips and tricks. It also a chat option to connect with other gamers to discuss the new game or new update.

Streaming Videos: It streams the live videos of the gamers playing the game, and you can follow the top streamers for getting their videos instantly. You can also post your gaming videos and become a popular streamer.

Special Tournaments: The Tournaments are available in the app to watch the best teams compete. You can also participate in the tournaments and win exciting prizes. The Esports tournaments can be streamed live on the app.

How to Install Loco for PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac)

(1). Enter BlueStacks in the web browser.

(2). Click the BlueStacks website and select Download BlueStacks to download the installer file.

Download BlueStacks- Loco for PC

(3). Open the installer file and tap Yes in the User Account Control. Select Install now to download the support files and go by the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

(4). Click Launch to open the BlueStacks emulator and sign in to your Google account.

Sign in to Google Account- Loco for PC

(5). Open Google Play Store and type Loco in the search. Select the app from the suggestions.

Search for Loco

(6). Click Install to download the Loco app.

(7). Select Open to launch the Loco app on your Windows or Mac PC.

How to Use Loco Website

You can visit the Loco official website on your PC using any browser. It streams live and on-demand videos. You can look up and follow the streamers on the site. The games are not available on the site but only in the app.

How to Play Loco for PC

(1). Open the Loco app on your computer or laptop and choose any method to log in.

(2). Provide the Username and date of birth. Choose the Avatar for your profile and select your favorite game.

(3). Click Live Shows to stream the live videos of the top streamers and tap the Menu to choose the game.

(4). Select Follow to get the videos of the game in the feed and click Streamers to view the top streamers for the game.

(5). Tap the Play section at the bottom, and select the game to play. Click My Tournaments to view participating games.

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1. Is Loco free to play?

Loco is completely free to play and stream the gaming videos online with your Google or Facebook account.

2. Can you play Loco games on PC?

You can play Loco games on any PC by installing the Loco app using an Android Emulator like BlueStacks.

3. Is Loco safe?

Loco is definitely safe to use, and it does not contain any spyware, malware, or security breach.

Hence, Loco is the best supportive app to learn about the game through videos. Though it is a free app, it has commercials for streaming videos. Install the Loco game on your PC and play your favorite games. If you have any issues with the Loco app, let us know in the comments.

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