Monopoly for PC Free Download – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac

Board games are the favorite time pass event to play in the childhood days, and the Monopoly Business game makes us travel to different places, buy hotels and resorts. Monopoly is a quick game to play with friends anytime, and you can install the app on the PC to play the game on the widescreen.


Monopoly is the digital version of the conventional board game developed by Marmalade Game Studio. It is a business game to travel across the place with count on the dice and establish hotels, houses on the places. The winner has to bankrupt all other members. An Android Emulator is essential to install the Monopoly game on PC, and you have to pay for the app in Google Play Store. In the below section, we will look into the installation of Monopoly for Windows and Mac PC.

How to Install Monopoly for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

You can download the BlueStacks emulator on the BlueStacks official site by clicking the Download BlueStacks button. Double-click on the BlueStacks. exe file and click Yes in the User Account Control.

Download BlueStacks - Monopoly for PC

Install the BlueStacks emulator by following the on-screen instructions and launch the BlueStacks for PC. Select Sign In and enter your Google Account details.

Sign in to your Google account

Search and open the Google Play Store on the BlueStacks. Type Monopoly in the search and click Buy to purchase the app. After installation, select Open to launch the Monopoly app on your Computer.

Search for Monopoly app

How to Play Monopoly for PC?

Open the Monopoly game on your laptop or desktop and select Allow to provide access to the app. Click Single Player to play the game alone and choose the Game Type between Classic, Quick, Custom. Select the Board, Location, and tap OK in the rules. Choose the Character and select Start Game.

Click OK in the Welcome Prompt and roll the dice to play the game. Select Online Multiplayer to play with others online and choose the number of players. Click Online with Friends to play with your friends online and start a game room to join the other friends.

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  • The Monopoly game incorporates the same rules as the board game, and it has Classic, Quick game types to play.
  • It has a single, Online multiplayer option to play the game, and the maximum number of members for multiplayer is four.
  • The game has 3-dimensional structures to create a real-time gaming experience, and it has different boards to play based on the country.
  • It also has an online multiplayer with friends option to connect with friends in the common game room.
  • The Pass and Play game can play with friends on a single device to transfer to others for respective turns.


1. Can I play Monopoly online for free?

No. Monopoly is a paid app in the Google Play Store to install and play the game with others.

2. How do I download Monopoly for PC?

You can download the Monopoly app on Windows and Mac PC with the help of an Android Emulator.

3. Can I play Monopoly by myself?

The Monopoly app has a single-player mode, so you can also play the online multiplayer with unknown members.

Monopoly is the best business gaming app to learn about the skills of buy and sell concepts. It can also bring the interest of handling the money effectively at a young age. In case of any issues and feedback for the above steps, please mention them in the comments section below.

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