Nest for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac (Download Free)

Smart Home appliances have become one of the integral parts of every home. Nest smart devices are the most popular and effective smart devices. You can install the Nest app for PC and control the smart devices while working on PC.

Nest for PC

Nest was developed by Nest Labs Inc to control smart home devices. It can be accessed from anywhere, and thereby, it provides more comfort for housemates. Nest app can be installed on your PC using an Android Emulator. Let’s see how to install the Nest app for Windows or Mac PC.


Nest Thermostat: Nest app can modify the temperature of the room instantly. It can be used to check the amount of energy used and notifies the high temperatures in advance. The user can change the schedule for the thermostat as per the need.

Nest Hello: This app can stream the live feed of the camera 24/7. It can be used to check the person at the doorstep immediately. There is a communication system to speak to the person at the door. It also has prerecorded audio to answer the visitors.

Nest Camera: Nest app monitors both indoor and outdoor cameras. It has live streaming with 1080p HD quality. The snapshots for the last three hours help in quick checking of what happened.

Nest Yale Lock: It can inform the user about locking and unlocking the door. The locks can be opened with passcodes, and you can give them to the newcomers in the house. The auto-lock options safeguard the home in uncertain situations.

Nest Alarm: The alarm system can be activated and deactivated from any location. The user will get a security alert in case of door opening or trespassers. The protection system can identify smoke, carbon monoxide, and alerts with alarm. It also checks the conditions of batteries, sensors, Wi-Fi connections.

How to Install Nest for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

Install BlueStacks for PC

#1 Search for BlueStacks on Google Chrome and click BlueStacks official website.

Click Download BlueStacks

#2 Select Download BlueStacks, and it will download the required file.

#3 Double-click on the BlueStacks.exe file and select Yes in the User Account Control to allow BlueStacks installation.

Select Yes in the User Account Control

#4 Select Install now to download the support files and install the emulator on PC.

select Install now to install BlueStacks for PC

#5 After installation, click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC.

Click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC

Install Nest for Windows and Mac PC

#1 Open BlueStacks for PC and sign in to your Google account.

#2 Search and open Google Play Store on the home screen.

#3 Type Nest in the search and choose it from the suggestions.

#4 Click Install to download the app from Play Store.

Click Install to get Nest for PC

#5 Select Open to launch Nest app for PC.

Alternate Way to Get Nest for PC

You can also use Nest for PC through their website.

#1 On your PC, go to the Nest website.

Nest for PC

#2 You will be required to sign in with a Google account to use Nest.

#3 Sign in with your Google ID and click Yes, link my Nest account to access all the Nest devices.

Nest for PC

#4 Click the Add icon to add a Nest device and control them from your PC

Add icon

How to Use Nest for PC

#1 Launch Nest on your computer or laptop and sign in to your Google account. Click Continue.

#2 Enter Home name and Home address. Select OK to access the device location.

#3 Select Add Product and click Nest Camera in the available products.

#4 Choose the Nest Camera type and connect the camera with a USB cable. You can connect the device by scanning the QR code.

#5 Select the camera and view the live feed.

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1. How do I get Nest for PC?

You can get Nest for PC through an Android emulator, and you can control smart devices in your home from one place.

2. How to connect the camera to Nest for PC?

You can connect the camera to Nest for PC using a USB cable and go by the on-screen instructions.

Thus, Nest is an excellent smart home controlling device. Installing this app on PC provides comfort in handling these devices while busy with work. Kindly report in the comments in case of any queries and suggestions.

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