PagarBook for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac Free Download

Documentation of employee details and attendance for every month is tiring work to complete. PagarBook makes this task much simpler with complete digitization. You can get the PagarBook on your PC to handle the task with more convenience.


PagarBook is a Business management tool for maintaining and updating the records of the workforce. It is completely free to use and requires a phone number for registration. This app is effective for small and medium-scale companies to keep the ledger online.


Quick Attendance: The PagarBook has attendance for each staff to mark like the present, half-day, absent. It can be easily referred to analyze the working days of the staff.

Effective Manager: The staff details can be uploaded in the app, and salary slips can be issued every month. It has reminders to inform about the payments and send a notification to staff for the salary.

Instant Payments: Payments to the employee can be made in seconds, whether it is salary or advance, and it is updated in the app immediately. It can handle all kinds of payments, daily wages, weekly wages, or monthly salaries.

Extensive Support: The interface is simple and easy to use in nature. It supports multiple languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, and more.

Excellent Protection: The app offers password or pin protection to secure the data and files. It also has a backup option to store the files in the cloud.

How to Install PagarBook for PC: Windows (10, 8.1, 7) and Mac

Install PagarBook app on PC Without BlueStacks

(1). Launch Google Chrome and go to the PagarBook website.

(2). Select Start 7 Days Free Trial to access the Desktop app.

Select 7 Days Free Trial - PagarBook for PC

(3). Enter the Mobile Number and click Continue to get the extension file.

Enter the Mobile Number

(4). Open the PagarBook extension file on your Windows or Mac PC and install the app by following the on-screen instructions.

Install PagarBook for PC using BlueStacks

(1). Open the BlueStacks site on your PC and select Download BlueStacks to download the BlueStacks extension file.

Download BlueStacks - PagarBook for PC

(2). Double-click on the BlueStacks extension file to open it.

(3). Select Install now to download the support files.

(4). Click Launch to open the BlueStacks emulator and select Sign In. Enter the Google account credentials.

Sign in to Google account - pagarBook for PC

(5). Open the Play Store and type PagarBook in the search. Choose it from the suggestions.

Search for PagarBook app

(6). Select Install to download the app and click Open to launch PagarBook on your Windows or Mac PC.

How to Work with PagarBook for PC

(1). Open the PagarBook app on your desktop or laptop and choose the language. Click Continue and enter the phone number.

(2). Verify the phone number and provide the business details.

(3). In the Staff tab, select Add Staff and type the Staff name & mobile number. Tap the Staff name and select Mark Attendance to add attendance for the individual.

(4). Select the Attendance tab to check the day’s attendance and click the Hire tab to post new job vacancies.

(5). Click the Plus icon (+ icon) to create a new vacancy and provide the details for the job. Select Share Job to share it in WhatsApp, Mail, or other apps.

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1. Is the PagarBook app free?

Yes. PagarBook app is free to use, and you can sign up with your mobile number.

2. How do I download PagarBook to my computer?

You can download the PagarBook desktop app from the website, or you can install the app on your PC using an Emulator.

Thus, PagarBook is the best app for companies and organizations to manage the attendance and salary process. Install the PagarBook app on your Windows or Mac PC and maintain your staff details with ease. If you have any doubts about the PagarBook, let us know in the comments below.

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