Pixaloop for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 / Mac (Download Free)

Photo editing skills are enriched among people with the rise of social media platforms. However, there are plenty of photo editing apps available. The Pixaloop app has excellent animation features, and you can use it on PC for hassle-free 3D animation and photo editing.


Pixaloop is a photo editing and animating app developed by Lightricks. It has various tools to enhance the photo and plenty of tools for video editing. An Android emulator is necessary for installing Pixaloop for PC. Let’s look into the steps to install Pixaloop for PC.


Instant Animation: Pixaloop app has simple steps for adding quick 3D animation to the photos. The animation can be done to any part of the photo, such as a river, waterfall, tree, mountain, trains, etc. It is useful in producing a real-time 3D viewing experience.

Effective Editor: It allows the user to edit the photos with all their imagination. You can choose the various types of effects to create effects in the photo. There are a variety of elements to add to the photo.

Wide Background filters: The app has different types of sky backgrounds like the pleasant sky, haunted sky, dramatic dusk, rainbow sky, etc. It also has Ambience to create sound effects for the short video. The overlay offers many animating effects to bring liveness to the photo.

User-friendly Interface: The user interface is smooth and easy to handle. The tools are arranged in an easily accessible manner for effective and efficient usage. The edited photos can be easily exported to social media apps.

How to Install Pixaloop for PC

(1). Search for BlueStacks for PC in Google Chrome and click the BlueStacks website.

(2). Select Download BlueStacks, and it will download the installer file.

Download BlueStacks

(3). Install the BlueStacks.exe file and click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC.

Launch BlueStacks - Pixaloop for PC

(4). Sign in to your Google account and select Google Play Store to open.

(5). Search for the Pixaloop app and click Install to download the app.

(6). Select Open to launch Pixaloop for Windows or Mac PC.

How to Use Pixaloop on PC

(1). Open the Pixaloop app on your computer or laptop and go through the intro. Select Dive Right In to use the app.

(2). Tap New Creation and select Allow to access the media files.

(3). Choose an image in the gallery to edit and select Animate at the bottom.

(4). Select the Path and draw the path in the image to move continuously. Tap Anchor and place it in the image to determine the boundaries of the animation.

(5). Click Freeze and select certain portions to remove from animation. Select Loop and choose the motion of the animation.

Recently, the Pixaloop app has changed its name. As of now, the app is available under the name, Motionleap.

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1. How can I get Pixaloop for free?

The Pixaloop app is free of cost for animating the photos, and it also has a pro version to utilize all the facilities.

2. Can I use Pixaloop on my PC?

Yes. You can use the Pixaloop app on PC to edit the photos with animation, and it can be installed using an Android emulator.

3. How do I export photos from Pixaloop?

You can export photos from Pixaloop with a single click on the export button at the top right corner.

Thus, Pixaloop is a great app for creating stunning photos to post on Instagram. It is one of Google Play’s best app in 2019. With the Pixeloop, you can make advertising photos, video editing, and more. Kindly mention the queries and feedback in the comments section below.

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