PLAYit for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 / Mac Free Download

Streaming movies and music in a single application with good video and audio quality is rare to find. The PLAYit app allows you to play all format media files with high-quality streaming, and it is accessible on PC.

PLAYit for PC

PLAYit is a video and music player for both online and offline streaming. It can organize the media files available on the devices automatically to provide easy access. PLAYit is officially available for Windows PC. Let’s see the steps to install PLAYit on Windows and Mac PC directly from its website or by using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

How to install PLAYit for PC: Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

There are two ways to get the PLAYit app on your PC. If you are a Windows user, you can try either of these methods. And Mac OS users can use only the second method to install Playit on Mac, which is through an Android emulator.

Steps to install PLAYit on Windows PC

Step 1: Open the PLAYit official site on the browser (

Step 2: Click the For PC button to download the PLAYit .exe file and double click on it to begin the installation.

Download PLAYit for PC

Step 3: Select Yes to allow the app in the User account control tab.

Step 4: Click Next in the Setup window and again click Next.

Step 5: Select Install to get the app and click Finish to complete the process. You can now open the PLAYit app on Windows PC by double-clicking on it.

Steps to Install PLAYit for PC using Android Emulator

Step 1: On Windows or Mac PC, download the BlueStacks .exe file from the BlueStacks official site.

Download BlueStacks

Step 2: Open the BlueStacks .exe file. Select Install Now to install BlueStacks on your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

Install now BlueStacks

Step 3: After installation, select Launch to open BlueStacks and sign in with your Google account.

Launch BlueStacks

Step 4: Open Google Play Store and search for PLAYit. Select the same from the options below.

Step 5: Select Install to download the app. The downloading time depends upon internet speed.

Install PLAYit for PC

Step 6: Select Open to launch the PLAYit app on Mac or Windows PC.

Open PLAYit for PC


These are the steps to install PLAYit on a computer using the APK file via BlueStacks.

Step 1: Go to the PLAYit official site and select the Download apk option. The apk file will be downloaded.

Download PLAYit apk

Step 2: Launch the BlueStacks app player on PC and install the PLAYit apk file by just dragging and dropping it.

Step 3: Now, open the PLAYit app after the installation process and start using it.

How to use PLAYit on PC?

Step 1: Launch the PLAYit app on your laptop or desktop by double-clicking on it.

Step 2: Select Allow to provide access to the app for using media files.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen procedure and click Start to use the app.

Step 4: Select Video to play movies or any videos available on PC storage.

PLAYit app

Step 5: Select Music to play songs on your PC and select Sites to play videos online or offline from various sites.

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Highlights of PLAYit

Inbuilt Search Engine

The app has an inbuilt search engine to easily search for videos online and download videos from the sites. It can also download Facebook and Instagram videos, stories, and WhatsApp status.

Multiple Format Support

It supports all video formats like 4K, 1080p, 3GP, MKV, FLV, TS, M4V, MPG, and audio formats like MP3, M4a, WAV, AAC files. It removes uncertainty in knowing the formats while downloading the movie or music since it can play all formats.

Effective Managing

PLAYit identifies all the video and audio files available in the device as well as SD cards and sorts them into respective categories. You can also share the media files from the app itself.

Simple Converter

It can convert MP4 video files into MP3 audio files with a click so that you can listen to audio alone while involved in other tasks.

Floating and Background Play

The app can minimize the screen into a floating tab so that the user can use other apps while streaming. It also has the background play function for listening to audio in the background and using other apps.

Gesture Control

It has simple gesture control for changing the playback speed, volume, and brightness while playing a video. It has an auto playback option to start the video from where it is left lastly.


Is PLAYit available for PC?

LAYit is available for Windows, and Mac users can install it using an Android Emulator. The above steps will help you with the easy installation of PLAYit.

Which video format can PLAYit play?

PLAYit can play all video formats, and the portable formats are 4k, 1080p, FLV, TS, MKV, 3GP, M4V, and MPG.

How do I install PLAYit app on my PC?

Windows users can download and install the PLAYit app from its official website or using an emulator, whereas Mac users can get PLAYit only by using an Android emulator.

Do I need an Emulator for installing PLAYit for PC?

Though PLAYit for Windows is available, you can also install the app on PC using an Android Emulator.

Can I download videos in PLAYit?

PLAYit has an inbuilt search engine to browse videos from sites and provides the download option to save videos instantly.

Can PLAYit convert video into audio?

PLAYit can convert the MP4 video file into an MP3 audio file with a single click.

PLAYit is an excellent app to play all types of media files with a single touch, and it also offers the option to search for subtitles online and download them. If you have any issues installing PLAYit for PC, comment below.

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