Poweramp Equalizer for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac Download Free

The music listening experience is elevated with a good audio system and equalizer control system. Poweramp Equalizer provides various control tools to get the perfect audio quality for the music track. You can install the Poweramp Equalizer app on the PC to enjoy music while working.

Poweramp Equalizer

Poweramp Equalizer is a type of music player app with equalizer control. The app has an individual control for every band, and the user can choose the number of the band for the music. An Android Emulator is essential for the installation of the Poweramp Equalizer for PC.


  • Poweramp Equalizer has a fixed and customizable number of bands. The bands are in the range of 5-32 with a difference of +-15 dB.
  • It offers defined presets as a built-in facility and provides visualization of the equalizer.
  • The equalizer has controls for Bass, Treble tone, Compressor, Limiter, and Balance.
  • It also accepts the preset packs from the other sources and provides Light, Dark Skins with customization.
  • An auto-resume function can play the music with the connection of a headset or Bluetooth.
  • The Advanced Player Tracking enables to control equalizer in the other music players.

How to Install Poweramp Equalizer for PC: Windows (10, 8, 7) and Mac

(1). Launch your PC and open the Google Chrome browser.

(2). Enter BlueStacks for PC in the search and click the BlueStacks official website.

(3). Tap Download BlueStacks to get the installer file and open the extension file for installation.

Download BlueStacks - Poweramp Equalizer for PC

(4). Select Install now to begin the installation of BlueStacks and click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC.

(5). Sign in to your Google account and select Google Play Store in the BlueStacks home screen to open.

Sign in to your Google account

(6). Type Poweramp Equalizer in the search and choose it from the suggestions.

Search for Poweramp Equalizer

(7). Select Install to download the app from Play Store and click Open to launch the Poweramp Equalizer for PC.

How to Use Poweramp Equalizer for PC

(1). Launch the Poweramp Equalizer for the PC and go through the Hints for the various controls.

(2). Scroll the different bands for the desired equalizer and tap Enable Visualization at the center. Click Enable and choose While Using the App in the prompt.

(3). Tap the Equ button to On or Off the Equalizer and select the Limit to set the maximum limit for the band.

(4). Click Bass and turn the button to control Bass. Rotate the Treble button to alter. You can also change the frequency, Threshold, Balance, and Volume.

(5). Select Save to store the settings and click Reset to clear the previous settings.

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1. Can I play Spotify through Poweramp Equalizer?

Yes, you can play music on Spotify through Poweramp Equalizer, and it requires permission for the first time.

2. How do I get Poweramp Equalizer for my PC?

You can install Poweramp Equalizer on your computer or laptop using an Android Emulator.

Hence, Poweramp Equalizer is an admirable tool for playing music tracks, songs in the best form. You can stream music from any player with settings modification. Install the Poweramp Equalizer on your Windows or Mac PC and listen to music with good attention to detail.

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