Private Zone for PC: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac Free Download

Secure apps are essential in protecting the files, photos, and other media files. Private Zone is a digital secure vault to store photos, videos and provide app lock to the important apps. You can install Private Zone on PC to use it as a secure secret vault.

Private Zone

Private Zone is a security app that looks after the device safety systems in securing the app and media files. The app does not have any subscription or sign-up to use. An Android Emulator is necessary for installing the Private Zone app for PC. In the below article, we will learn about the installation of the Private Zone for PC.


Protective Vault: Private Zone has a secret vault to safeguard photos, videos from others accessing it. It offers a separate photo and video gallery for viewing them.

Effective Lockscreen: It provides an effective lock screen to denial unauthorized access. The screen lock can be modified as per the need. It also has a cloud backup to save the private files with encryption.

Safeguard Apps: The app offers app lock options for all apps, and the user can choose certain apps to exempt from the app lock. It is password protected with a pattern or digital code. The fingerprint is also accessible in the sensors-equipped devices.

Secure Browsing: It does not record or logs the user’s online activity. The search history is deleted as soon it is closed. It is useful for the private browsing of certain sites and protects the user data.

Quick checkup: The app offers a quick scan to check the device for any privacy leakage or other issues. It can also boost the privacy firewall and can capture the image of persons who fail to unlock the device.

How to Install Private Zone for PC: Windows and Mac

(1). Search for BlueStacks on your PC and click the BlueStacks website to open.

(2). Select Download BlueStacks on the site to download the file and double-click on it to open.

Select Download BlueStacks - Private  Zone for PC

(3). Click Yes in the User Account Control and follow the on-screen instructions to install BlueStacks.

Click Yes in the User account control-   Private Zone for PC

(4). Select Launch to open BlueStacks and sign in to your Google account.

Launch BlueStacks for PC

(5). Open Google Play Store and type Private Zone in the search.

(6). Click Install to download the Private Zone app, and this may take time depending upon the Internet Speed.

(7). Select Open to launch Private Zone for PC.

How to Use Private Zone

(1). Open the Private Zone app on your computer or laptop and select Allow to give the app access to media files, device location.

(2). Select the images in the gallery to hide and click Hide. Choose the app to provide app lock and select Tap to lock.

(3). On the next screen, set the password for the app lock. Draw the Password Pattern by connecting the dots.

(4). You can also change it to PIN code by tapping at the bottom and provide the 4-8 digit passcode. Re-enter the passcode to confirm the password.

(5). Answer the security question for safety reasons and select Continue to capture an image of unauthorized entries.

(6). Select Scan to check the privacy issues in the app and fix the issues with the suggestions.

(7). Click Lock Screen and tap Enable Now to get the lock screen for accessing the device.

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1. Is the Private Zone app safe?

Private Zone app is safe to use on the device for providing a secure lock system to the apps and contains no spyware issues.

2. Can I install the Private Zone app on a PC?

You can install the Private Zone app on a PC through an Android emulator.

3. Does Private Zone app capture the images of intruders?

Yes. Private Zone app captures the images of intruders if they fail to unlock the device using the front camera.

Therefore, the Private Zone app is useful in hiding the valuable files in your PC and makes it hard to find for others. Get the Private Zone on your Windows or Mac PC and protect your private media files and apps. If you have any problems in the above steps, please do let us know in the comments below.

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