RetouchLeap for PC [Windows 10, 8, 7, & Mac] Free Download

When you take a photo, sometimes it may frustrate you when you see some unwanted objects in the background. To help you with that, we’ve come with one of the best and easy-to-use apps to remove unwanted objects on any photos from your PC. Photos that contain unwanted objects like watermarks, shadows, and any other objects can be perfectly erased by using RetouchLeap on your PC. RetouchLeap app has a highly sensitive selection tool that even helps you to select and remove very tiny objects.


RetouchLeap app offers all the tools that you need to easily remove any unwanted objects on your photos. With its simple image processing, you can save time editing images. It includes the latest AI generation technology, that helps you clear and unblurs the blurred photos. Since it is a mobile app, here we have used BlueStacks to get this app on PC.


Remove Object

RetouchLeap app assists you in removing any unwanted objects in a photo. The app has a user-friendly interface that lets beginners in photo editing on removing any objects perfectly in an image.

Enhanced and Clarity

RetouchLeap app also comes with a feature to unblur or clear any blurs in just a few clicks. You can fix any blurry pictures into a clear photo.

Blemish Removal

The app also lets you remove blemishes like scars, moles, and pimples. It also includes a separate section called Edit Picture, where you can find all the tools to edit your photos.

Background Changer

Using the RetouchLeap app you can erase and change the background of your images. It allows you to easily crop out and remove the background of an image.

Clone Object

With the RetouchLeap app, you can create photo illusion by adding a lot of extra clones of any object in a single photo. It will create an amazing reflection or replica effect on your image.

How to Get RetouchLeap for PC

1. Open any browser on your PC, visit the BlueStacks link and click on Download BlueStacks to download the .exe file.


2. Double click on the downloaded .exe file and select the Install now option on the popup menu.

Click Install now

3. Select Launch to open the BluseStacks app on your PC.

RetouchLeap for PC

4. Now, click on Google Play Store on the home page.

5. Type RetouchLeap in the search bar and select the app in the search result.

6. Then, tap on the Install button to download RetouchLeap for PC.

Google Play Store

7. Select Open to launch RetouchLeap for PC.

How to Remove Object by using RetouchLeap for PC

1. When you open the RetouchLeap app on your desktop or laptop, you’ll be able to see the screen as shown below.

2. Here, choose either CONTINUE WITH ADS or UPGRADE NO ADS NOW.

RetouchLeap for PC

3. In this screen, you’ll see different sections, choose Remove object.

4. Now, click ALLOW to give access to the RetouchLeap app.

RetouchLeap for PC

5. Then, select any photos.

6. Now, you can choose either Remove Object or Eraser to remove any object.

Remove Object – This tool allows you to first select the particular object and then remove it.

Eraser – Like a normal eraser, this tool erases the object by simply placing it on a particular area.

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1. Is the RetouchLeap app free?

Yes, the Retouch app is completely free to install and use on your computer or laptop.

2. Which tool is used to erase and replace the background in the Retouch app?

To erase and replace the background, choose the Replace background option.

RetouchLeap app is one of the best free apps to remove any unwanted objects and edit any images easily. Rather than object removing, the app also offers a set of some other tools like Blur Photos, Enhanced & Clarity, Replace background, Past picture, Clone picture, Blemish remover, and Edit picture. Try RetouchLeap for PC, and leave your feedback regarding the app in the comment section below.

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