Shazam for PC Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac [Download Free]

Listening to music is a habit that everyone loves to do. It is not easy to know about the music you have listened to in malls, theaters. Shazam app helps in finding the music within seconds. The Shazam app can be installed on a PC to play music while working on the PC.


Shazam is a music and audio app that is widely used for music recognition. It has almost all the songs, albums, playlists for streaming. The Shazam app can get you any song with a single click. Let’s see the steps to install the Shazam app on PC.


  • Shazam provides a pop-up option to easily find the music in other apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • It has on-screen lyrics to sing the song along with the original vocals.
  • There is a provision to watch videos of the music from Apple Music or YouTube app.
  • It offers a Dark theme to limit battery usage and reduce eye strain.
  • Auto-Shazam option can identify the music instantly, and it is easy to play songs from popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music.
  • The songs can be shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram directly from the app.

How to Install Shazam for PC: Windows and Mac

Install BlueStacks for PC using Android Emulator

You must have an Android Emulator for installing the Android app on both Windows and Mac PC.

(1). Start your PC/Laptop and open Google Chrome on your PC.

(2). Search for BlueStacks for PC and click the BlueStacks official site.

BlueStacks for PC

(3). Select Download BlueStacks to download the file and open the file by double-clicking on it.

(4). Tap Yes in the User Account Control and select Install now to install BlueStacks.

(5). Click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC

Download Shazam for Windows or Mac PC

(1). Login with your Google account and open Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

(2). Enter Shazam in the search, and choose it from the options.

Search Shazam on your PC

(3). Click Install to download the Shazam app on your PC, and this may take time depending upon the internet speed.

Install Shazam for PC

(4). Select Open to launch Shazam on your computer or laptop.

How to Install Shazam on Mac PC

Shazam app is available on the Mac App Store, and you can get the app for free.

(1). Start your Mac PC and open the Mac App Store.

(2). Sign in to your Apple ID credentials and search for the Shazam app.

(3). Click Get in the App page and select Install app to install the app.

(4). Tap Open to launch the Shazam app on Mac PC.

How to Use Shazam for PC

(1). Launch the Shazam app on PC and tap Turn On in the prompt.

(2). Provide permission for the app to appear on other apps.

(3). Tap the Shazam button to record audio, and it displays the suggestions for the audio.

(4). Click the Search and type the song name to find the album. Select Library to check out the available albums.

(5). Open any song and click Video to watch the video song on YouTube.

(6). Select Lyrics to sing with the song and tap Artist to know who has sung it.

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1. Is there a Shazam for PC?

Shazam has a PC version for Mac OS, and the app is available for free in the Mac App Store.

2. How do I get Shazam on Windows?

You could install the Shazam app on Windows using an Android Emulator.

3. Is Shazam app free to use?

Shazam app is completely free to identify the songs and does not contain Ads.

Thus, Shazam is a great app to get to know about the new music. It also has personalized recommendations for songs and playlists. Kindly mention the issues and feedback in the comments section.

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