SuperBeam for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, & Mac Free Download

File transfer between devices is a time-consuming and hectic process too. SuperBeam is a quick and easy file transferring app. The SuperBeam app can be used to share files from the PC to other devices.


SuperBeam is a file-sharing app launched by LiveQoS. It has one simple requirement for file transfer, and it is that the two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. SuperBeam app is absolutely free for file sharing with ads supported. SuperBeam can be installed on the PC by downloading the setup from the site. Let’s discuss how to install SuperBeam for PC.


  • SuperBeam has an intuitive interface for smooth file transfer. The app can transfer media files, documents, zip files, apps, etc.
  • It can connect to other devices through QR codes or using NFC.
  • File transfer details are recorded, and the user can view the logs. It stores the received files in selected locations.
  • The app uses a hotspot instantly if there are any issues with the Wi-Fi connection.
  • It can send files to non SuperBeam devices through a web interface.

SuperBeam has a pro version for ad-free usage, and the cost is $1.99. It offers complete folder sharing and simultaneous sharing.

How to Install SuperBeam for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10 and Mac

(1). Launch Google Chrome and search for SuperBeam for PC.

(2). Go to the SuperBeam site and select Download Windows Setup for Windows or Download ZIP Package for Mac PC.

Download SuperBeam for PC

(3). Double-click on the setup file to open and click Yes in the User Account Control.

(4). Select Next in the setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

select Next in SuperBeam Setup

(5). Click Install to install SuperBeam on the PC and tap Finish to end the installation.

Select Install to get SuperBeam for PC

Alternative Way to Install SuperBeam for PC

(1). Visit the BlueStacks website in the browser and click Download BlueStacks to download the installer file.

Click Download BlueStacks

(2). Open the BlueStacks.exe file and select Install now to install the BlueStacks for PC.

Install BlueStacks for PC

(3). Click Launch to open BlueStacks for PC and select Sign In. Provide the Google account credentials for signing in.

Launch BlueStacks

(4). Search and open Google Play Store. Type SuperBeam in the search and select it from the suggestions.

(5). Click Install to install the SuperBeam app on your computer or laptop.

Install SuperBeam for PC

(6). Select Open to launch SuperBeam for PC.

How to Share in SuperBeam for PC

(1). Open the SuperBeam app on your PC and select Allow to give access to the media files.

(2). Click Send on the home screen and choose the categories of files.

(3). Select the files to be shared, and click Send icon at the bottom. Tap Yes in the prompt, and it displays a QR code to scan.

(4). Click Receive to get files from another device and type the Input Key from the sender. Tap OK to connect.

(5). Select QR Scanner and scan the QR code in the sender device to share the files.

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1. How do I connect SuperBeam to my computer?

You can install the SuperBeam app on your computer from their site and connect to the other devices through QR code, key, NFC.

2. Is SuperBeam safe?

SuperBeam is a safe app for file sharing between devices. It uses highly secure methods for connecting to the devices.

3. How much does SuperBeam Pro costs?

SuperBeam Pro costs $1.99 for ad-free file transfer and sharing files with more than one device.

Therefore, SuperBeam is one of the best and fastest apps for sharing files between two devices. It possesses no limitations in sharing the number of files. If you have any difficulties, please mention them in the comments.

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