TimeTune for PC – Download Free for Windows 7, 8.1, 10 / Mac

Scheduling daily activities and keep tracking is always a tiresome job to do. The TimeTune app assists you in planning your day effectively. Thereby, it saves a lot of time. You can also use TimeTune on PC with a bigger screen.

TimeTune for PC

TimeTune is a routine planner app launched by TimeTune Studio. It is completely free to use, and you can create any number of events for a day. TimeTune for PC helps in managing your time efficiently while working. The TimeTune app needs an emulator for installing on Windows or Mac PC since it is an Android app.


Routines and Blocks

The app has a separate tab for routines and blocks. Routines refer to activities that repeat in a cycle. The cycle may be daily, weekly, or a certain period. Blocks refer to events in the calendar, and it has a time period to specify.

User-Friendly Interface

TimeTune has a simple and user-friendly interface for checking the schedules, routines, and blocks. It is also very easy to add routines and blocks with less time.


The app has multi-purpose usage since it can be used as an events manager, routines reminder, student calendar, timetable planner, habit creation tool, and productivity enhancer. The app is mainly for workers, freelancers, parents, students, doers, and achievers.

Time Optimizer

It has tags to add in the blocks, and the user can create new tags. The tags help in analyzing the overall schedule statistics. It indicates the time lags and time consumers to optimize time usage and increase productivity.

Customize Schedule

The TimeTune app allows for customizing the schedule based on the user requirements and can add individual notifications like vibration, sounds, pop-ups to blocks, and routines for easy follow up.

How to install TimeTune for PC: Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

Step 1: Visit the BlueStacks official site and select Download BlueStacks to download the .exe file.

Select Download BlueStacks

Step 2: Open the BlueStacks .exe file and follow the on-screen instruction. Select Install now to install the BlueStacks emulator on PC.

Install BlueStacks

Step 3: After installation, Select Launch to open BlueStacks and complete the setup process by signing in with your Google account.

Launch BlueStacks in PC

Step 4: Search and open Google Play Store. Type TimeTune in the search box and select the app from the suggestions below.

Step 5: Click Install to download the app. It may take time, depending upon the internet speed.

Install TimeTune for PC

Step 6: Select Open to launch TimeTune for Mac or Windows PC.

Open TimeTune for PC

How does TimeTune for PC work?

Step 1: Launch the TimeTune app on PC by double-clicking on it.

Step 2: The app has five tabs at the bottom, namely – Schedule, Routines, Programmer, Blocks, and Tags.

TimeTune app for PC

Step 3: Swipe left or right to select the date you want. Click the Calendar icon at the top to come back to today’s date.

Step 4: Select Schedule to check the activities of the date. Select Routines to know the routine of the date and click the plus icon to add a new routine.

Step 5: Select Blocks to check the events and click the plus icon to add new blocks. While creating blocks, you can add tags related to it. The tags help in displaying overall statistics.

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1. What is TimeTune?

TimeTune is a scheduling and reminding app for effective event planning and time management.

2. Can I create my own tags?

You can create your own tags as per the need. To create a new tag, visit tags in the app, and click the plus icon to create a new one.

3. Can I install TimeTune for PC?

You can install TimeTune for PC through an emulator. Follow the above steps for the quick installation of TimeTune on Windows or Mac PC.

4. Can I create every 3 day routine in TimeTune?

Yes, you can create every 3 day routine in TimeTune. In creating the routine, select Atypical Routine, and set the cycle period.

TimeTune is a wonderful app to make the most use of the day and keep yourself ahead of time. The app is suggested for ADHD (Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) people to improve their work efficiency. If you have any trouble installing TimeTune for PC, please specify it as comments.

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