Yoosee for PC – Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac Download Free

Every place is covered with cameras for surveillance, and it is necessary to monitor them frequently. Yoosee app for PC enables the user to monitor the surveillance camera while they are at work, out of the station, etc.


Yoosee is a surveillance app for monitoring Wi-Fi cameras. This app has not only streams the camera live but also has a communication, detection facility for an integrated security system. Here, you will get to know about how to install the Yoosee app for PC.


  • Clear Streaming: Yoosee app can stream the live recording in 1080p/720p quality. It can record the surveillance for 24 hours with memory card support. The IR illuminators improve night vision and deliver them in HD quality.
  • Easy Handling: The user interface is smooth for the easy switch over to the next devices. PTZ control offers complete viewing of the place through Pan, Tilt, and Zoom action.
  • Alert Mechanism: The two-way talkback option ensures seamless communication. It alerts users about motion and sound detection.
  • Quick Addition: This app has an advanced cloud link P2P network transmission technology. The devices can be added using the QR code, Wi-Fi connection, Smartlink, and wired connection.

How to Install Yoosee for PC

Yoosee offers a web version for Windows alone under CMSClient. It is completely free to install on your PC.

Steps to Install Yoosee for Windows PC

#1 Open Google Chrome on your PC and search for the Yoosee app for PC.

#2 Select the Yoosee official site and click Download under the web version. It will download the file and select it to open.

Download Yoosee

#3 Click Yes to allow the app to install on PC in the User Access Control and select Next in the upcoming screens.

#4 Tap Install to begin the installations of the Yoosee app and click Finish to launch the app on PC.

Steps to Install Yoosee for PC: Windows and Mac

You have to install an Android Emulator for installing Android apps on a PC. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that can be installed on both Windows and Mac PC.

(1). Go to the BlueStacks website on your PC and click Download BlueStacks to get the installer file.

Select Download BlueStacks

(2). Double click on the BlueStacks .exe file to open and select Install now to install BlueStacks for PC.

click Install now to get BlueStacks

(3). Click Launch to open BlueStacks on PC and sign in to your Google account.

Launch BlueStacks

(4). On the Play Store, search for the Yoosee app on your Windows or Mac PC.

(5). Select Install to download the app and click Open to launch the Yoosee app.

Install Yoosee for PC

How to use Yoosee on PC?

#1 Launch the Yoosee app on your computer or laptop, and select Agree in the disclaimer prompt.

#2 In the login screen, choose Admin (local) login or phone number or mail login. Enter the credentials to log into the app.

login Yoosee

#3 Tap the Plus icon at the left side to add a device, and in the device manager, it shows all the available devices. Click >> to add the device to the app.

#4 Select Manual add device and provide the device ID, password, and RTSP password.

#5 On the home screen, select the device and right-click on it. Choose the Start Mirroring option to view live streaming. Select the Record button at the top to record the live streaming.

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1. Does Yoosee have a PC version?

Yes. Yoosee app has a dedicated PC version for Windows alone.

2. How to register the Yoosee app?

You can register the Yoosee app using your phone number or through WeChat or Facebook login.

3. Is the Yoosee app safe?

Yoosee app is absolutely safe for usage since it has privacy protection to view the streaming-only with a login password.

Hence, Yoosee is an amazing app for checking out the surveillance camera anywhere. The smart home products and apps help in protecting our daily routine without any trouble. Have any doubts, specify them in the comments.

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