Typing Master for PC – Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 / Mac Free Download

Looking for the right tool to learn keyboarding online? Then, try Typing Master for PC. Typing Master is a tool that helps users to fasten their typing speed with a lot of exercise for typing practices. This advanced software allows the user to find out their speed progress of them on a daily or weekly basis. With this software, You will get access to customized exercises in multiple lesson formats.

typing master for pc

Typing Master is a popular and efficient tutor that best suits the needs of all learning levels. It is an easy-to-use program to monitor how fast your typing speed increases time-to-time and learn proper finger placement on the keyboard. Moreover, you can find a lot of hidden tricks to improve your typing speed. In this quick guide, we will see how to download and use Typing Master for Mac and Windows PC.


Typing Tests

To keep the learners more engaged and motivated, Typing Master allows the users to take a typing test to find out their wpm (word per minute) typing speed.

Typing Game

With this tool, you can compete in some fun typing games while improving your keyboarding speed and accuracy. You can also find so many typing activities.

Typing Meter

Typing Master comes with a real-time analysis widget that helps you to clearly analyze your typing speed on a weekly or monthly basis.

Subscription Cost

PREMIUM $29.90

How to Get Typing Master for Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (via Web Browser)

1. Open any browser on your PC.

2. Visit the official TypingMaster webpage.

3. Tap on Free Download.

typing master for pc

4. Now, click on the Download Now button.

5. Double click on the downloaded .exe file.

typing master for pc

6. In this screen, choose either ‘Install for all users’ or ‘Install for me only’.

7. Then, click on Yes.

8. Select the language and press OK.

typing master for pc

9. Click Next.

typing master for pc

10. Read the license agreement thoroughly. If you are okay with the term, then click I accept the agreement.

typing master for pc

11. Select any folder to set up Typing Master installation and tap on Next.

typing master for pc

12. Select the component that you want to install (i.e., Typing Master, Typing Master Widget, Study Material Lesson Editor), and tap on Next.

select Next

13. Now, click on the Install button.

click on Install

14. Once the Typing Master software installation is done, hit Finish.

Click on Finish

How to Install Typing Master on PC (via Microsoft Store)

1. Go ahead and open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC.

2. Tap on the search bar, and enter as ‘typing master’. Click the Enter button.

3. Select the Typing Master app from the search result.

click on the button

4. The app is a paid version that costs ₹ 674.00. So you can either click on the ₹ 674.00 button to buy it or the Free trial button to try it for free.

How to Use Typing Master on PC

typing master for pc

Before anything else, once you launch the Typing Master app on your laptop or desktop, it will ask you to test your keyboarding speed to analyze how fast you are typing. And then, you can choose any exercise you want to practice. There will be more than 500 exercises you can find, and every exercise will take around 10 to 20 min to complete.

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What is Typing Master used for?

Typing Master is a keyboard typing tutor that adapts to the needs of every single user. It offers over 10 hours of exercise to assist the users to learn and practice keyboarding in a step-by-step manner to excel in their typing skills.

Is Typing master free and safe?

This software comes with a wide range of core features, which help you to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Its standard version is totally free to download and use. It also offers the premium version of the program.

Can I change the language in Typing Master?

Yes, Typing Master supports other languages too. So you can choose any languages other than English that the Typing Master supports.

Which country made Typing Master?

The software was developed and launched by a Finland company called Typing Master Finland, Inc.

Wrapping Up

Typing Master is a highly recommended software for both novice and intermediates on your computer. It comes with a color-coded scheme which will be helpful and convenient. With this tool, you will definitely get an interesting learning experience. If you face any issue while installing Typing Master for PC, do mention it in the comment section below.

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